Rangehood features


No smell. Just air.
Innovative AdaptAir technology ensures completely even air suction across the entire hood surface. Special flaps in the hood close or open to reduce the noise. Steam, smells and other impurities no longer stay in the kitchen air.


Easy control
A special innovative slider enables easy and instant changes between different power levels and lighting intensities. The modern design of the SliderTouch allows simple changes of the setting with just a finger slide across the scale.


An effective air cleaner«
The special foam in the filters eliminates up to 98% of all grease and other impurities. This makes the air in the kitchen considerably fresher and cleaner.


Automatic fan operation
The sensor detects the level of impurities or steam, humidity and gases. The hood automatically adjusts the fan speed accordingly or even completely stops the fan when it is no longer needed.

Timer and refresh

Always fresh and on time
Gorenje hoods can be automatically switched off in 10, 20 or 30 minutes. The refresh function is activated every hour and automatically starts refreshing the air for five minutes.