Retro Special Edition - Gorenje
PARK IT IN YOUR KITCHENRetro Special Edition

The merge between modern technology and 60's design delivers life simplified to your home this spring

We’re pleased to let you know that these fridges have arrived in Australia.
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Gorenje Retro VW Fridge with a character
Inspired by the famous Volkswagen van
Not just for passionate drivers, Gorenje Retro Special Edition fridge adds an instant touch of individual style, freedom and adventure to any kitchen.


_products/features/icon - SimpleSlide shelves

SimpleSlide shelves

For both tall and short items
An especially practical mechanism which allows movement of shelves up and down.
_products/features/icon - CrispZone with HumidityControl

CrispZone with HumidityControl

Just like garden-fresh
CrispZone is an ideal draw for extending the life of your fruit and vegetables. Low temperature and the option to adjust the humidity extend the freshness of your produce.
_products/features/icon - LedLight


Well-arranged and efficient fridge
Power saving LED lighting fixtures in a form of strip are highly energy-efficient, have a notably longer useful life and consume less power.
_products/features/icon - Deep door bottle shelf

Deep door bottle shelf

Secure storage for bottles
Refrigerator door has plenty of storage for glass or plastic bottles. A special fence holds the items in place to prevent it from moving and damage while the door is opened or closed.
_products/features/icon - IonAir with DynamiCooling

IonAir with DynamiCooling

Even temperature distribution in the refrigerator compartment
Advanced fan system with dynamic cooling evenly distributes the ionized air and equalizes the temperature throughout the entire refrigerator. Air enriched with extra negative ions mimics the natural microclimate that keeps the food fresh for longer. Moreover, any type of food can be placed on any shelf in the fridge as there are no temperature differences.
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_products/features/icon - FreshZone


Fresh as if straight from nature
The drawer with the lowest temperature in the refrigerator is ideal for storing meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. It Will preserve the food's freshness, aroma, colour, and flavour for much longer.