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Fully qualified to do your jobSmartFlex dishwashers

The new SmartFlex dishwashers completely adapt to your needs with a variety of functions and an adjustable and flexible interior.

The baskets are equipped with highlighted movable elements and a customizable basket layout for easy loading. Every detail is carefully designed to make handling dishes as easy as possible.

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No more bad odour
Everyone is familiar with the bad smell that comes from a half loaded dishwasher that has been loading for a few days. The advanced IonTech technology built in Gorenje dishwashers operates on the principle of the natural process of ionization, which naturally eliminates odours and keeps your dishwasher fresh, even when it is full of dirty dishes.
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Party for two or twelve – the dishes will be spotlessly clean
Sometimes all you need is to give the glassware a light rinse, on other occasions your dishwasher is full of heavy dishes left over from Sunday lunch. The advanced sensor technology will always adjust your dishwashing program to clean dishes with optimized water and energy consumption. You do not need special program for glass or intensive cleaning – the AutoProgramme will adapt to all your needs.
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Takes care of itself
After the washing cycle, the dishwasher door automatically opens just slightly to let out the excess steam. This allows fresh air to reach the crockery so the washed items, like plastic dishes, dry completely. Excellent for quick drying with low energy consumption.


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