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Tumble Dryers features

SensoCARE technology

Drying tailored to your needs
Gorenje dryers allow you to select the drying method that is the most convenient for you. NormalCARE includes optimized drying programs for all types of laundry. For even friendlier laundry care, you may select GentleCARE which allows drying at lower temperature to preserve your garments.

Condenser dryer with a heat pump

Exceptionally economical drying Condenser dryer with a heat pump dries the laundry at a lower temperature than the conventional models, which additionally preserves the clothes. It is the only home appliance to use both the cooling and the heating part of the heat pump. Full use leads to up to 40% reduction in energy consumption relative to the A class.

SensorIQ - sensor technology

Your laundry dried just right every time
Your laundry dried just right every time! SensorIQ intelligent technology automatically adjusts the drying process according to the selected programme, type of laundry, and desired level of dryness. The moisture/humidity sensor continuously adjusts the drying time to the moisture level in the laundry. When the sensor perceives that the selected level of dryness has been reached, it automatically stops the dryer. The clothes are just right for ironing, dry, cupboard dry, or very dry - as you like it.
_products/features/icon - Unique fibre treatment with the IonTech technology

Unique fibre treatment with the IonTech technology

Perfectly smooth and refreshed laundry. High end laundry dryers feature a unique air ionizer which additionally smoothers the fibres, eliminating the creases and the static charge accumulated during the drying process. It effectively removes unpleasant odours from the laundry, such as food and tobacco smoke, and refreshes it. Owing to the ionizer, the laundry will be even softer.
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_products/features/icon - SteamTech – perfection without ironing

SteamTech – perfection without ironing

Perfectly smoothed and freshened laundry.
New technology in laundry care employs steam to straighten every crease and wrinkle. Ironing your cotton and mixed fabric laundry will now be much easier – or even not required at all! An independent remarkable steam drying programme for shirts will particularly please those who strongly dislike ironing. Simply place up to five clean shirts into the dryer; it will take only 20 minutes to dry them and remove all creases using steam. Refreshment programme is perfect for clothes that have recently been worn but are not ready for washing yet, or clothes that have been in the closet for a while. It will remove any unpleasant odour and make them soft, without washing.
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_products/features/icon - Delicates


Temperature sensitive garments such as blouses, shirts or fine lingerie can be safely entrusted to the gentle care of your Gorenje dryer. A special programme ensures the desired level of drying at low temperature.
_products/features/icon - TwinAir, effective laundry drying

TwinAir, effective laundry drying

Evenly dried laundry.
Evenly dried laundry. Condenser dryers with a heat pump boast a unique air blowing system. During bi-directional rotation, it allows evenly intensive introduction of warm, dry air into the drum through both air channels. The path of the air is adjusted to the rotation of the drum, providing a constant drying intensity throughout the drying cycle. Evenly distributed, the laundry will not tangle and the final result will be perfect.
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_products/features/icon - FiltrationSupreme


Largest and most efficient filter on the market
Gorenje tumble dryer features 40 % higher filtration efficiency due to optimal position and size of filters. Due to optimal humidity level and temperature, tumble dryer’s door is the most suitable position for filter since most of the particles linger in the door area.

3D filter placed before the condenser with largest volume and 2D filter placed in tumble dryer’s door with largest combined surface on the market catch even the finest dust particles.
Easily accessible 2D filter is conveniently placed in the door and can be cleaned in a few seconds. There is no need for removing the filter. One hand move will do.
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_products/features/icon - AutoDrain - direct discharge of condensate

AutoDrain - direct discharge of condensate

No more manual emptying of the condensate tank
No more manual emptying of the condensate tank. If you opt for a condenser dryer instead of the evacuation version, the opening for discharging the vapours from the room is no longer required. In this type of dryer, the steam condenses in a special nearly 5-liter condensate tank which is simply emptied after each drying cycle. If the condensate tank is connected to a drain through the AutoDrain pipe, the tank no longer has to be emptied manually.
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