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D9864E Heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryer D9864E

Heat pump dryer Heat pump Capacity: Large drum volume - 9 kg IonTech technology SteamTech
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_products/features/icon - Condenser dryer with a heat pump

Condenser dryer with a heat pump

Exceptionally economical drying Condenser dryer with a heat pump dries the laundry at a lower temperature than the conventional models, which additionally preserves the clothes. It is the only home appliance to use both the cooling and the heating part of the heat pump. Full use leads to up to 40% reduction in energy consumption relative to the A class.
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_products/features/icon - Unique fibre treatment with the IonTech technology

Unique fibre treatment with the IonTech technology

Perfectly smooth and refreshed laundry. High end laundry dryers feature a unique air ionizer which additionally smoothers the fibres, eliminating the creases and the static charge accumulated during the drying process. It effectively removes unpleasant odours from the laundry, such as food and tobacco smoke, and refreshes it. Owing to the ionizer, the laundry will be even softer.
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_products/features/icon - SensorIQ - sensor technology

SensorIQ - sensor technology

Your laundry dried just right every time
Your laundry dried just right every time! SensorIQ intelligent technology automatically adjusts the drying process according to the selected programme, type of laundry, and desired level of dryness. The moisture/humidity sensor continuously adjusts the drying time to the moisture level in the laundry. When the sensor perceives that the selected level of dryness has been reached, it automatically stops the dryer. The clothes are just right for ironing, dry, cupboard dry, or very dry - as you like it.
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AutoDrain - direct discharge of condensate

No more manual emptying of the condensate tank
No more manual emptying of the condensate tank. If you opt for a condenser dryer instead of the evacuation version, the opening for discharging the vapours from the room is no longer required. In this type of dryer, the steam condenses in a special nearly 5-liter condensate tank which is simply emptied after each drying cycle. If the condensate tank is connected to a drain through the AutoDrain pipe, the tank no longer has to be emptied manually.
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Big volume and up to 9 kg load

More dry laundry at a time. Gorenje dryers can take up to 9 kg loads; in terms of capacity (120 l), this makes them superior to most other comparable products on the market and ensures optimal drying of larger loads. The door that opens out to a full 180 degrees and conveniently large, 35 cm wide door opening makes it easier to load and empty the drum when drying large items such as blankets, curtains, covers or cushions. Some models have also been fitted with a LED light inside the drum, which allows you better overwiew and easy process of loading and unloading.
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Largest and most efficient filter on the market
Gorenje tumble dryer features 40 % higher filtration efficiency due to optimal position and size of filters. Due to optimal humidity level and temperature, tumble dryer’s door is the most suitable position for filter since most of the particles linger in the door area.

3D filter placed before the condenser with largest volume and 2D filter placed in tumble dryer’s door with largest combined surface on the market catch even the finest dust particles.
Easily accessible 2D filter is conveniently placed in the door and can be cleaned in a few seconds. There is no need for removing the filter. One hand move will do.
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Child lock

The door cannot be opened during the drying cycle. For additionall safety the control panel can be locked by simply pressing a button or combination of buttons.

TwinAir, effective laundry drying

Evenly dried laundry.
Evenly dried laundry. Condenser dryers with a heat pump boast a unique air blowing system. During bi-directional rotation, it allows evenly intensive introduction of warm, dry air into the drum through both air channels. The path of the air is adjusted to the rotation of the drum, providing a constant drying intensity throughout the drying cycle. Evenly distributed, the laundry will not tangle and the final result will be perfect.
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Programming the start of the drying cycle (NG)

Dried at the right time. Start of the drying process may be programmed up to 24 hours in advance. The clothes will be dried to the previously set level of moisture and ready to be stored in the cupboard or ironing whenever is most convenient for you.
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Technical details

Available colour: White

Capacity: Large drum volume - 9 kg


Drum volume: 120 l

Drum illumination: Yes

Door diameter: 35 cm

Door opening angle: 180 °

Reversible drum action

Direct discharge of condensate AutoDrain

Personal settings for all programmes

Display type: LCD display

27 programmes

Drying time selection: Step setting


Low temperature option


IonTech technology

Audio signal SoftSound

Basket for drying


Drying phase indicator

Signal for "full water container"

Remaining time indicator

Vacuum feet

Humidity sensor

Lockable control panel

Long lasting stainless steel drum

Noise level: 65 dB(A)re 1 pW

Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 60 × 85 × 60 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 64 × 91.5 × 68.5 cm

Net weight: 52 kg

Gross weight: 54 kg

Connection rating: 1,800 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Product code: 445216

EAN code: 3838942993626


Due to the continuous development of products, Gorenje reserves the right to change certain parameters of the devices.

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